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Hughes Walker Solicitors Ltd is Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority; SRA Number 387939. Registered in England under company number: 4801072. Registered address: 82 Bolton Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0LL. Managing director: Mark Walker (Solicitor). VAT number: 803247653.

Hughes Walker Solicitors accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or contents of users' postings.

Users posting on this site do so on the basis that the user will indemnify Hughes Walker Solicitors Ltd against any and all liability arising from the contents of any posting.

It is forbidden to use this website to try to contact other users for the purpose of promoting the use of commercial services other than those of Hughes Walker Solicitors Ltd.

The following content is forbidden: naming or identifying individuals or making personal remarks about identifiable persons; anything which might be considered offensive, threatening, abusive, racist, vulgar, deliberately misleading, anything which is untrue, sexist, defamatory, sexual, or harassing; disclosure of personal information other than with data subject's express permission; anything which might encourage unlawful or criminal behaviour.

Please notify the administrator about any posting which infringe any of our above rules so that we can delete the offending post as soon as possible. Administrator reserves the right to close a user's account or delete any posting entirely at its discretion.

The main purpose of the forum is to enable the exchange of information, ideas and experiences which users have when making flight compensation claims, and thereby help other users with their complaints. Users are asked to ensure that the contents of any posting is polite and courteous, and to refrain from expressing personal opinions slating an airline or its employees or representatives. Users are reminded they could open themselves up to legal action by an airline for any remarks deemed to be defamatory. Airlines are welcome to post if they have comments to make regarding specific flights, but we ask that any such posters make known that the comment is made on behalf of the airline concerned.
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